Coyote Winds

My historical novel, COYOTE WINDS, explores the American spirit that drew families to the wind-swept frontier and the consequences of that spirit, both good and bad. And it asks whether that spirit can survive the over-supervised life of a modern boy.

When thirteen-year-old Myles brings home a coyote pup half-blinded by a dust storm, his neighbor grabs his shotgun. “The coyote, like the prairie, is trying to take what’s ours,” he warns Myles. “We got to fight them with all we got.” Myles is determined to protect the coyote from the men who would call the prairie their own. But when the coyote winds turns the land to dust, he wonders if any of them will survive.
Seventy years later, his grandson Andy, feeling suffocated by his safe, suburban life of algebra and soccer practice, sets out to discover what is left of his grandfather’s wild prairie. 

Available in paperback and ebook at Amazon and other on-line retailers or by order from your local bookseller.

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