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“Sedwick…creates authentic moments that showcase the American West in the 1930s. The time, place, and spirit of the era become as large a part of the novel as the characters…Part of the novel’s strength is how fluidly it reads considering its depth. This is no heavy-handed historical novel. Rather, young readers will be drawn into an engaging story that broaches serious questions about family, the American spirit, and hope. There is the potential for its audience to get so much from the book that it could easily be used in a classroom to prompt discussion.” --ForeWord Reviews

“In the western prairie circa 1930, 13-year-old Myles brings a coyote pup home in an attempt to tame it and keep it as a pet. Taming the untamable quickly becomes a theme as his father struggles to fight the growing drought that is wreaking havoc with his crops. Sedwick's prose is simple, but possesses an underlying beauty that captures the world in which her story takes place. The narrative soon shifts to the 21st century, as Myles's grandson Andy struggles to find a way to keep his grandfather's stories of the prairie alive. While Sedwick's novel is geared toward teenagers, it should also appeal to adults, particularly those interested in recent American history.  Publisher’s Weekly

“This well-crafted, entertaining read may inspire teenagers to learn more about the life and times of their grandparents.” -- Kirkus Reviews (

"There are days when I tire of being a reviewer, but then along comes a book like Coyote Winds by Helen Sedwick that makes me feel excited about my role. Coyote Winds  is a bittersweet story, full of sadness and hope...When a book can make me feel as many emotions as Coyote Winds, I feel safe in declaring it an excellent read. What a beautiful tribute Sedwick has written for her father and what a wonderful story she has given to the literary world. I hope she has future historical tales to share."  --Allison's Book Bag
"This book pulled me into its grip in the first chapter and didn’t let go. I couldn’t help but sympathize with Andy’s plight and understand intuitively the juxtaposition of his overly-sheltered life with the broad freedom Myles experienced over 70 years earlier even as he and his family faced the heart-wrenching ruin of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression.Coyote Winds is a must-read. Its simple beauty struck a deep chord within me that is still humming with the sound of the coyote winds. --Compulsion Reads, 5 Star Review and added to their Irresistible Collection.  Review

"Coyote Winds is a captivating novel about growing up in the Dust Bowl era, when crops were devastated and the Great Depression brought extreme hardship to nearly all of America. Framed through the lens of a twenty-first century boy discovering a box of true-life adventure stories written by his grandfather, Coyote Winds follows young Myles Vincent as he rescues a coyote pup from certain death, names it Ro, and raises it as a faithful companion. Myles also snares rattlesnakes, survives tornadoes, and works hard just to earn his daily bread. In a time when the specters of unemployment, hunger, and dust storms ravaged the land, Myles had the will to not only survive, but also enjoy the beauty and wonder of prairie life... a sentiment destined to be passed down through the generations. Coyote Winds is an evocative novel that readers of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy." -- Carson’s Bookshelf, Midwest Book Review, June 3, 2013

“A young adult historical novel for all, Coyote Winds is a gripping personal tale of one family’s experience living during those turbulent years and that legacy that is passed on through the generations. It had me questioning our collective American dream throughout. When do our dreams cause more harm than good? The Dust Bowl is certainly an example. – Brenna Burke, Almost All The Truth

“Coyote Winds is an engrossing account of hardscrabble life in Colorado at the dawning of the Dust Bowl era, as seen through the eyes of a wise-cracking 1920s farm boy, an injured coyote pup, and a disgruntled, 21st century teenager.  The story transports readers to a bygone day when dreams died hard and indomitable spirits struggled to endure. “  --David Schweidel, author of Confidence of the Heart and What Men Call Treasure

“In this fresh, affectionate, and poignant novel, Sedwick brings to vivid life the story of two boys connecting across decades with plucky independence and unexpected courage. Pages turn like the Coyote Winds, unfolding a gritty tale of endurance, love, and a touch of magic that will hold young and old in its spell.” --Joanne Meschery, author of Home and Away

“Coyote Winds is engaging and provocative.  The book tells the story of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl in a way that encourages readers to think, and to want to know more.  It helps us to understand both the harshness and the beauty of farm life on the southern Plains.”  --Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, History Professor and Chair, Iowa State University, author of Rooted in Dust and Always Plenty to Do, and contributor to Ken Burns’film, The Dust Bowl

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