Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Voice of the Narrator

I love this article. Steve Almond discusses the use of the narrator's voice to "to portray...how individual fates collide with history, how the orphan survives amid the Industrial Revolution or the aristocrat is brought low by war. These stories don’t just awaken readers’ sympathies; they enlarge our moral imagination. They offer a sweeping depiction of the world that helps us clarify our role in it."

Almond laments that in today's narratives "we’ve traded perspective for immediacy, depth for speed, emotion for sensation, the panoramic vision of a narrator for a series of bright beckoning keyholes." 

Interesting insights.


I love to slip in the narrator's voice. Most readers think my novel, COYOTE WINDS, is told in three voices; Myles, Andy and Ro. But I use the narrator's voice from time to time. Look at the opening of Chapter Twenty, Rainbows and Rabbits.

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