Sunday, June 16, 2013

COYOTE WINDS Kindle version free today and tomorrow

It's Father's Day.  Since COYOTE WINDS was inspired by my father's stories of growing up during the Dust Bowl, I want to honor him by getting the novel into the hands of more readers The Kindle version of COYOTE WINDS is free today and tomorrow on Amazon.

Yes FREE. $0.  

Please spread the word.  

There’s no limit on downloads, but the special will end Monday, June 17 at midnight.

First Place for Historical Fiction, Purple Dragonfly Book Award 2013

Honorable Mention, Green Book Festival Awards 2013


5 Star Review from ForeWord Reviews—“Sedwick … creates authentic moments that showcase the American West in the 1930s… Sedwick reminds readers that people are profoundly affected by their time and place, and many of her characters embody that…Part of the novel’s strength is how fluidly it reads considering its depth. This is no heavy-handed historical novel. Rather, readers will be drawn into an engaging story that broaches serious questions about family, the American spirit, and hope.” 

5 Star Review from Compulsion Reads –“Coyote Winds is a vivid and beautiful portrait of two very different worlds… Sedwick pens this story so well that I could see the Vincent farm, hear the chickens pecking at kernels and feel the coyote winds blowing across my face.  This book pulled me into its grip in the first chapter and didn’t let go…Coyote Winds is a must-read.  Its simple beauty struck a deep chord within me that is still humming with the sound of the coyote winds. 

“The story transports readers to a bygone day when dreams died hard and indomitable spirits struggled to endure.  You’ll taste the sand in the air and feel the heartache with these unforgettable characters shaped by a gritty American landscape that will linger in the memory long after the dust has settled.” --David Schweidel, author of Confidence of the Heart and What Men Call Treasure

“There are days when I tire of being a reviewer, but then along comes a book like Coyote Winds by Helen Sedwick that makes me feel excited about my role. Coyote Winds  is a bittersweet story, full of sadness and hope… Carry it with you. Make it a top priority to read.”  Allison Hunter, Allison’s Book Bag

“Coyote Winds is engaging and provocative.  The book tells the story of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl in a way that encourages readers to think and to want to know more.  It helps us to understand both the harshness and the beauty of farm life on the southern Plains.”--Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, History Professor and Chair, Iowa State University, author of Rooted in Dust and Always Plenty to Do, and contributor to Ken Burns’film, The Dust Bowl

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