Monday, July 8, 2013

Great Review in Publishers Weekly Select

At long last, a review in Publishers Weekly.  They liked COYOTE WINDS. I sigh with relief with every nice review. After all the rejections I received from agents, these reviews are a welcome treat.

Link to Publishers Weekly Review of COYOTE WINDS

Coyote Winds

"Out in the grass, a coyote pup ran in circles. All around him, he sensed fear. It wasn't snow, for the day was hot. It wasn't rain, for his tongue was dry. It wasn't darkness, for the sun glowed as red as blood." With this understated description, Sedwick lays the groundwork for an absorbing novel. In the western prairie circa 1930, 13-year-old Myles brings a coyote pup home in an attempt to tame it and keep it as a pet. Taming the untamable quickly becomes a theme as his father struggles to fight the growing drought that is wreaking havoc with his crops. Sedwick's prose is simple, but possesses an underlying beauty that captures the world in which her story takes place. The narrative soon shifts to the 21st century, as Myles's grandson Andy struggles to find a way to keep his grandfather's stories of the prairie alive. While Sedwick's novel is geared toward teenagers, it should also appeal to adults, particularly those interested in recent American history. Ages 12–up. 
Reviewed on: 07/08/2013

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