Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vona, Colorado Today…Ghost Town or Not?

Photos by Diddley Squat

 In researching Vona, Colorado, where the historical chapters of COYOTE WINDS take place, I came across Ghost towns--Vona, a site full of fabulous pictures of hundreds of abandoned (or nearly so) towns throughout the United States and Canada.  

I was somewhat distressed to see that Vona is among them.  The photos are courtesy of Diddley Squat.

Wikipedia puts the population of Vona at 106 people in 2010, so it’s not completely a ghost town.  And there is an elementary school serving a school district of 510 square miles. Well, that is a lot of open space.  And a lot of empty homes and buildings.  

When my father was in his late 70s, he talked about going back to visit the town where he grew up, but he never did get around to it.  I think he knew that his sweet memories of Vona might become too bittersweet if he saw a boarded up town.
Take a look:  VONA

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