Sunday, May 26, 2013

Compulsion Reads Endorsement

Great news.  COYOTE WINDS just received a Compulsion Reads Endorsement and was added to their Irresistible Collection.  Here's the Link Compulsion Reads.  This is a selective site, so I am thrilled they gave the novel five stars. I've reprinted the review below.

Andy Vincent-McKay is an underperforming suburban teen who suffers beneath the expectations of demanding, helicopter parents. He doesn’t have movie star looks; he doesn’t know how to fit in at school; and he definitely doesn’t know how to fulfill the promise he made to his grandfather, Myles Vincent, to write down the story of Vona, Colorado and the coyote winds.  

Coyote Winds seamlessly blends Andy’s modern-day struggles with the story of Myles and his family as they worked their small farm in Vona and watched it all blow away, along with so much else during the darkest days of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. 

The two stories are connected by the shared blood between Andy and Myles and the new purpose and strength that Andy discovers within himself as he digs deeper to uncover the story of Myles and the coyote winds that stop for no man.

Coyote Winds is a vivid and beautiful portrait of two very different worlds. Andy’s modern day existence couldn’t be more different than the wide open promise of Vona, CO that Myles and his family approach, but the stories merge brilliantly. Helen Sedwick pens this story so well that I could see the Vincent farm, hear the chickens pecking at kernels and feel the coyote winds blowing across my face. 

This book pulled me into its grip in the first chapter and didn’t let go. I couldn’t help but sympathize with Andy’s plight and understand intuitively the juxtaposition of his overly-sheltered life with the broad freedom Myles experienced over 70 years earlier even as he and his family faced the heart-wrenching ruin of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression.

Coyote Winds is a must-read. Its simple beauty struck a deep chord within me that is still humming with the sound of the coyote winds.   

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